Interest rate

Finally iko locked


Finally iko locked

Quote your sources.

fm ama Sw?

frequency gani?

President Uhuru has signed the amendment to the banking Act capping interest rates into law

Good move.


sioni anywhere kwa net…ama ni hoax. Guys are delirious with joy manze

Ama ni kwa news?
Ata mimi sioni anywhere…

sijui ka this is a credible source[ATTACH=full]53141[/ATTACH]

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Has proven the pundits wrong. Good move


Let’s wait for credible/official sources.

Looks like a hoax…or someone putting pressure[ATTACH=full]53145[/ATTACH]

State house sold the rumour to test the waters.
Whatever the public reaction will be, it will lead to a certain direction.

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Pundit okiya will be proved right.

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waaaah, I heard the MP who took the bill to bunge say rates for current loans zitarudi chini pia, hii kitu Uhuru akisign kutakua na euphoric reactions, mbisha za fombe zitakua all over kama handles za bingwa!!! sign it Mr President


Ameweka kindole ?