Interactive Voice Responder system

Does anyone have an idea on how much it would cost me to set up such as system for my business premise? Cost of maintenance? What are some of the equipment I’ll be required to acquire? Are there any special requirements for setting this up other than equipment?


It’s called Voice Prompt . You need smart PABX system. The rest are just voice recordings and configuration.
You can start with Zycoo PABX (U50) cost around 30K then get someone to set it up for you.

Thanks @Black Panther . Would this model allow for interaction? I would like a system where I can get the respondent to listen to the voice prompt and capture data on the various options the respondent selects.

Voice prompts is just a general term. Am sure he means interactive voice response. Anyway, ivr is a module in a wider communication automation solution system. Am sure you need something small for your enterprise. You could try a histef pabx such as 3cx. Otherwise mimi nauza system kshs. 4 mill

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