Inter School Games

Those various sports games that were being played nyakati za zamani, football, marathon etc, inter province then to national, hazifanywi tena these days.

Even them dancing competitions, akina Masai warriors, hakuna tena hizo vitu ? KICC would have spoken it could.

those were physical games that used to occupy us. why shouldnt they be brought back au kids and students are very busy.

Apparently corona will kill the kids but deep down we all know 8-4-4 was designed to kill talent and make kids cram nonsensical things in the name of kusoma.

Uko form ngapi kijana?

Unataka kurudi shule.??..wee mwanaume !!

LOL no, its just for long time sijaskia those games taking place, even asking kids huko, they tell me mzee hizo ni enzi zenu, so i wondered why arent them being held. zamaa zetu ilikua raha.

No chief, mimi nilimaliza shule ile mwaka baba ya current baba alipoaga dunia.

94? Are you also A- ya 94?

am c+ 94

Bona hukuingia GSU ? C+ was D- then.

Mashambani bado ziko…problem is sports day field ya sports iko mbali so kids divert kudinyana na kudinywa kwa vichaka na abandoned houses.
Kama kuna mtu kwa hi forun ako links kwa wizara ya masomo…shughulikieni hii maneno.

short story;
truly brother, had to be providing for mum and same tym shule. those days utunduu ulizidii, same tym, white powder started coming to msa and mzee aliona maybe i will end up a junkie :rolleyes: so he thot dumping me in this shit hole place was the best idea, so he did, ati enda huko uone ancestors wako kidogo, that was it. BUT am happy now, unfortunately, some of my freinds ended up being junkies and some walienda europe.

but my 3rd kid, he wants to be in the army, and he’s serious about it. i tell him study to be a daktari etc, anasema he doesnt want anything to do with masindano, he wants to be a soldier, i gave him my approval for that day to come.

i knew it, mambo za kudinyanya zitakua ndio mostly made these games being abolished or something like that. we used to do that after games.

pity that, no fun anymore. you meet new people make friends travel all over.

I remember those sports. Good times. First year of HS, our school held a meet for Mpira. They invited 5 schools. Our first game was against Eastleigh High. They were ghetto as hell. I saw dust in that game. After 5 minutes I wanted to be subbed. But we had no reserves. It was my first real lesson in athletics. I thought I was good( and I was) until that day. That’s where I started changing.

those were good old days that would never come back. we enjoyed ourselves, unlike these days.

I wonder how people manage school without sports bana. Sports was the life. Lunch time was tizzi. We played rugby , soccer, basketball, running, shotput…… It was fun.

You remind me of them days walahi. i think the last generation to have fun was us 90’s and maybe 20’s didnt have that fun we had. ama these days, watu ni


I salute the 3rd kid.
Huyo sasa ndio mgtow…hes learning from his sorroundings and sticking to his plan come what may…he can only get better and stronger with time and your support…and thumbs up for supporting the young man.
Hiyo part ya kudinyana ni sawa kama ni agemates growing up with each other although its still wrong…but kama ni msee wa nduthi ama hawa contractors wa kutengeza barabara wanachunisha a primary school girl kwa banana plantation…hio hapana…its messing up kids bana.

Am supporting him all through. What he will want to be niko nae mpaka my last breathing day. And thanks a bunch for your support, truly i appreciate that. God Bless You.

God bless you and your family.