Intelligent talk Cc Village Zinjanthropus


Due to demand from the Village Zinjanthropus aka the MIT (Most Ignorant Talker). Let’s be posting intelligent sh!t here.

Baba hakutusomea hii kwa katiba lakini iko.
Angalau angekua amepeana 1 radiotherapy machine kama unafikiria ni mzuri

This is a question that many uhuru supporters avoid

I am suspecting taxpayers money is being used here. JAP can clear the air and show source of funds.

It is in the law (Political Parties Act). What’s so difficult to understand about that?

Beyond zero is in the law?

I thought we were talking about the political parties’ source of funds. parties/qenia.pdf


Beyond zero and JP both are campaign vihecles but to totally different destination.
1.One is to eradicate maternal death the other is to humiliate raila
2. One has some constitution backing the other is a person initiative, now the said person here happens to be president’s wife

Neanderthal posting! hakuna nyang’au iliforciwa kuchanga pesa yoyote. MEFFI

Enyewe you guys are stupid, does UK and his wife need the ambulances? Its for the common mwananchi but since its associated with his wife, you bring your political opinions to a social cause.

Wazi Beggar.

And here we see a very rich beggar

Mimi nilinunua merchandise za beyond zero campaign lakini sikutumia pesa ya mamako. MEFFI

jubilee party doesnt deal with beyond zero campaign. its first lady who does that. its like asking kunguni the pilot about momos… Ask uwesmskende. sijataja mtu meffi

Ukiona fala inaingiza matusi ya Mama kwa discussion, jua imecatch. Shinda hapo msee.

Sawa mtoto wa sokwe, rudi porini kwa NUGU wenzako!

Shinda hapo mtoi. Sina time ya kutusiana nawe enyewe.

Ata waniharabia wakati wangu wa kuishia kulewa

Okay kid.

The year is 2012 ODM leader is still the prime minister. In this year,cancer in Kenya has never been heard,maternal mortality are stories we hear from small countries like Tanzania or Burundi.
In this year we are yet to hear of maize scandal or kazi kwa vijana
We are a special lot call us kenyans with selective amnesia or shall should it be petty?