Intelligence Vs. Arrogance

Are the very intelligent people also inherently arrogant?
I remembered that while watching Githu Muigai’s submissions and you get a feeling that he knows he is intellectually superior to the common advocate. I have also seen this phenomenon in;
Mutahi Ngunyi
Lawyer Maina Wachira
James Orengo

and others…
Is there a correlation?

Sideshows impress dead fish

Most arrogant people have certain deeply entrenched insecurities, suffer from inferiority or superiority complexes, or fear rejections, and arrogance is a subconscious attempt to compensate for it. Some intelligent people either fear rejections or have superiority complex, therefore, and they use arrogance to assert their presumed dominance.

Otherwise, there are many super intelligent people who are humble and down to earth because they don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

There may be another way to look at this:
Fools mistakenly take the impatience and irritation intelligent people have with fools not understanding basic stuff as arrogance.
E.g Grand Mullah can’t stand fools

Personally I cannot tolerate low IQ fools. @Kalenjin101 irritates the hell out of me. Kipmeno am I arrogant for being irritated by low IQ fools?

githu ni short monkey syndrome humsumbua.

Nani huyo anaweka ahmednassir kwa list ya most intelligent lawyers?

James ore go is not intelligent. I know not of Maina. I think that when selecting judges and attorney General. We should be selecting the top of the top. Not the Mwilu types who struggle to read basic sentences

Intelligent people are not tiktok addicts. Only low IQ fools hang around tiktok being mesmerized by Aziad, 12 year old girls and fag.gots.

I consider a lawyer like ngatia to be quite the intellect

Thats so many words for ignorance. That place is a haven of info. Petabytes of info. But your low IQ ass is probably impressed by kina Azziad so, am not surprised

Sasa mimi nko kwa hii category na siringi

You’re welcome.

Niliwaambia mtafute info on U=U then try and see the researchers. That is if you want to know the name of the incoming governor Migori county in 2027. Unaskia @Ngimanene na matharo ? This info is crucial for kusalimiana fellas in here

Pia mimi the day i learned i dont have a point to prove to people. I do my stuff in silence.

Somebody wondered why Atheists are an arrogant bunch. It reminds me of @king_kenny, @D-stunt and @christian of klost. Those chokosh wars were on another level.

Often we in Kenya confuse professional knowledge, qualifications, experience and expertise as ‘intelligence’.
An IQ test from a certified body is msema kweli worldwide about intelligence. A number of these vocabulary-wielding guys would have average IQs if they took an IQ test.

Someone posted a Mensa test here a few months ago asking members to participate and post their results, none of the self proclaimed “high IQ” talkers had the balls to do it.

that was the intention of the drafters of the constitution of kenya, 2010. but wakenya ni nani? changanya nepotism, populism, and some animals called regional and ethnic balance.

the high court of kenya now boasts some of the dumbest judges in the common law jurisdictions.

Dunning-Kruger effect, in psychology, a cognitive bias whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence in that domain relative to objective criteria or to the performance of their peers or of people in general

Intelligence has little if any significant correlation with personality. It’s like arguing that short people are more angry or tall people more humble. A lazy stereotype. Just like height, intelligence or high IQ is randomly distributed across both gender and race. Any other argument is cheap anecdotal make-believe.