Intelligence versus Education

Who is better: a fella with a very good education, but low/average intelligence,
Or one with very high intelligence, but low education?
I ask this because I often see folks with degrees renting houses from Standard 7 dropouts.
I also see artists who sing in my vernacular with very low education but amazing poetry.

Intelligence all day everyday

education in these here parts are of quantity ,not quality.At the end of the day one is expected to pass shitloads of subject exams from what they have crammed over a period of years, for them to be accepted by a higher learning instituition and end up covering one or non related subject.Thats why some well learned friends are dumb as a doorknob when it comes to street smart intelligence as opposed to booksmaart

Intelligence my friend is key, add Education on top and you’re good to go.
There’re guys who never finished basic education, and today they’re employers in various informal sectors.
Wasomi nao, pushing papers in those air conditioned offices. We’ve been conditioned that Education will lead to an easier life of employment.
You pass well your exams, pale standard one, and the teacher is outdoing him/herself promising you how you will one day occupy a big office, be driven in a big car , and reside in a posh neighborhood.
From there , you fire in all your cylinders, which include exam cheating, and graduate.
After that you become a nuisance to the society, claiming I’m a graduate sina kazi, like seriously.

Intel intelligence intelligence intelligence kila wakati

Our curriculum should be based on problem solving. World war I , started on horse carts and ended up with Tanks,
The leap in technology that happened in WWII was enormous. This shows the drive to solve problems was high

Hizi ni oxymoron

Intelligence is all rounded.


please explain.

This should be published in the dailies…

On the other hand, you have fellas with near-genius levels of intelligence wasting away at muguka dens because they couldn’t access educational opportunities…

As we speak, nimepiga roundi kadhaa tao leo and iv seen very many graduates walking alone in those Gowns. Mwingine ata ameibeba kwa paperbag amevaa tu kofia ako roundi zake. Hakuna hizo hulabaloo za kujaza bus mzima kutoka Ushago to celebrate!

These are the guys who will succeed in life!! washajua huko mbele ni kunoma and are already pro active! Was really admiring them.

Bob collymore

how can an educated person not have intelligence - bar cases of exam cheating, a properly educated person is intelligent

Huwezi separate education na intelligence, they are not mutually exclusive. The more educated you are, the more intelligent you are because you are able to view life/things from a wider perspective compared to a guy with little education. A less educated guy could be street-smart but he can’t do what the well educated guy can, however the well educated guy can do what the street-mart ( with little education) guy can

true, educaton is more of an opportunity thing and intelligence is more of a gene thing - and at the end of the day education tests intelligence

If Collymore was a Kenyan, na diploma yake, i highly doubt if he would have made it to the yop of SafCom.

A healthy balance of the two

on the other hand though,most smart folks lack social intelligence like sustainable friendship,self preservation,general hygene(nimeona wengi) and etiquette ,a little bit of this and that as @Brayo44ki has mentioned ,keeps the gear in motion

You can separate the 2.
There are many things that an intelligent but uneducated person can do that an educated but unintelligent fellow cannot do. I know of uneducated (but probably very intelligent) fellas who are able to keep businesses going while graduates try it and close shop within months. There was also time I was dealing in vernacular music. You would find a graduate musician unable to measure up to the standard 6 dropout musical star, much as the graduate musician was aspiring to such. I can show you a standard 6 dropout musician who does 100k per show, and a graduate musician who has simply been unable to make any money from his “music”. You will tell me that it is talent, and that talent is what we are calling ‘intelligence’ here.