Insurance...fraud or fact

So this guy had his vehicle knocked down by a matatu. He was on a third party cover, he fixes the vehicle and goes ahead to claim from the matatu’s insurance.

They do their own valuation for the damage and re-evaluate it to compensate 60% of the entire amount that was used to fix the damage. On top of that, they claim that he needs to take part of the blame despite the fact that it was entirely the matatu’s fault and therefore deduct a further 30% of the amount he is claiming, coming to a total of 70% deduction.

They then offer to pay up only 30% of the claimed amount.

Those in the insurance industry is that fair? is it the norm? can anything be done or is he better off just accepting the offered amount ama he engages a lawyer? what are the chances of atleast getting the 60%?

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Thanks in advance.

Why do people take third party cover? There was a chic who borrowed a friend’s Forester akaenda nayo Western. Unfortunately she was involved in an accident and the car was declared a write-off.
The sadest part was that the car had a third party cover and therefore, the person who had borrowed the car has to take a loan to pay the owner

Hii yote ni hujumaa… The entire insurance industry is a fraud

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Which insurance company is this?

It would have been the same with other insurance companies following the narration you gave since its third party cover. If you carry part of the fault and its recorded as such then don’t expect a free handout from insurance companies. Infact you are lucky they offered that 30% if you shared on the blame. Always get comprehensive insurance to cover for damages and injuries.


Of course you have to read between the lines.
Comprehensive isn’t all that comprehensive


True. And again, very few companies will agree to give a comp cover for a vehicle which is more than ten years old.

wah! life can be so unfair!

Terms and conditions of the same third party can vary slightly from one company to another. In some conpanies hata hawangempea hio 30% claiming they only compesate you for damages you cause to other’s property but loses za gari yako uji-sort. Always read the terms of the agreement.

Alafu the best way to go about copensation is to involve a lawyer you trust umwambie utampa a percentage of what will be compensated,its upto him to win. Insurance huogopa lawyers

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Though you are better of with it. Most people simply choose the cheapest deal

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So what would you advice?

The police abstract says the matatu is to blame or was at fault

Kama ni insurance ya gari chukua comprehensive with either ICEA LION ama JUBILEE


Was asking in regards to the above case

What about britam

insurance lazima pia wewe ucheze rough game nao coz they will not play clean with you! I know of a friend who is currently trying to get paid by another insurance company after the original one walikataa kumlipa a brand new car on technicalities! he just took his car back home ikiwa write-off , insured it with another insurance na sasa ako in the process of claiming it as a new accident! I will update you guys Kama atalipwa next week.


How in hell did he do that, kwani hio insurance haikudai valuation report ya moti before ku insure?

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@kush yule mnono , it’s not a must you present the valuation report initially, you r given time to do that but uko already insured for like a month.

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I’ve heard of such cases before. A guy insures a car thats already been in an accident with three different companies. After paying premium for few months, files claim for a write off and gets paid three times for one vehicle.

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