Insurance company to stop insuring these vehicles in Kenya

Before buying, soma hii, incase you bought, please change your insurance company, but soon all insurance companies will follow the same route.

Occidental Insurance Company has written to its agents and brokers to cease covering 25 vehicle makes and models citing rare and expensive spare parts.
The vehicle models mainly Honda, Suzuki, Mazda, Hyundai and some varieties of Toyota will no longer get comprehensive cover at the firm after Thursday’s directive.
In a letter dated February 14 addressed to all its business partners, the company also prescribed an age limit for private and commercial vehicles it will insure going forward.
“There exist some vehicles whose spare parts have become rare and or obsolete and have therefore proven to be a challenge when settling claims. We will therefore not underwrite these kinds of vehicles to ensure smooth running of business and excellent client experience,” read the letter signed by the company’s Senior Underwriting Officer David Mankone.
The letter seen by the Business Daily lists Honda HRV, Crossroad, CR-Z and Insight, Suzuki Swift, Alto and Escudo, six models of Mazda, all models of Daihatsu, Subaru Exiga, all Renault models, seven models of Toyota including Prius (hybrid) and Opa among others, as well as Ford Escape and all models of Hyundai.

Kuna mtu hapa was being warned against prius na akajifanya fala despite being warned. … Anaitwa @steve mmoja

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wewe na fake news mko tu pamoja

I just asked you legit questions that you dodge with hurling unnecessary points.

I remember AIG in 2015 stopped insuring Subaru’s and BMWs worth less than 1.5M. Did other insurance companies follow suite? The answer is a resounding NO!

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hii mambo tulichambua juzi. halafu jana tukasema ni fake.

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My friend… Prius siko syd ya hapo…

There are sooo many options out there on the market for car insurance that it’s actually funny.

If the post was true then Altos are being targeted since they are the Ubers and more prone to accidents. Their spares are available at the dealer.

Too many options out there on the market. I remember a few years ago when my boyfriend needed a new one after a some bickering with the insurer he had. It was like we were in a sea full of options and could’t figure out where to start looking. Google is the man’s best friend so of course it helped seraching for some around us as well as this site where we could compare them to make a better idea about what’s the deal. We finally found one, but it was an experience.

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