Insurance claim

So someone gets an accident during curfew hours and the vehicle is written off
Does this give ground for an insurance company to deny the claim…
all investigations come out clean…
And what is the next course of action…

Just say you were rushing a loved one to hosi.


Cause of accident no issue…
Issue comes in with the aspect of curfew…is there any legal ground

That’s what am saying. You claim you were responding to am emergency.

There is no legal ground on the claim. Which company is that that should be ghosted and defamed?

Exactly! Sema ni insurance company gani ianikwe buyer beware uone ukilipwa faster faster. Ama wahepwe kama directline wabaki wakijiongelesha

Peleka complain IRA kilimani juu hii ni upuss ya hali ya juu. Which insurance company is that?

What a gross lie. Why do people always think that when they tell the truth things will automatically turn against them?

Insuarence Brocker detected

They look for every reason in the book to avoid compenzashen.

Those are jokers, waambie wakuonyeshe mahali imeandikwa kwa policy document. Name them here we do the rest.

weka jina master

Okiiii.You get involved in an accident during curfew hours.
You have all the road to yourself and still get into an accident.SMDFH…

Waiting niskie then

Truck with no tail lights

Oooops pole…Ata usipolipwa uko hai…i think you need to give a good reason why your out at such odd hours,it will help alot if you got those curfew passes