Institutions/Systems in Kenya

Following the sudden demise of Hon. Waziri Nkaissery,the weaknesses of our institutions and systems have been brought to the fore. In Kenya institutions are made to work by individuals and when the individuals leave the docket, their work goes to the dogs. We saw this with Michuki in the transport sector and quite frankly I would not be surprised if this year or next exam cheating is reentrenched back, now that Dr.Matiangi has left the Education docket! How can our institutions be strengthened so that even if an office bearer leaves, the institution still works,still holds on to the advances made during the deceased or transferred leader’s tenure.


We need organizational structures in our ministries. Just like in the US as shown below. A Secretary is assisted by two or more deputies who happen to be civil servants. In case of vacancy or change in administration (like Trump the other day), the senior most civil servant serves in an acting capacity until confirmation of a new secretary. We need the same in Kenya. [ATTACH=full]111109[/ATTACH]


Has the good doctor left the education portfolio. Or is he holding brief in the interior security docket for the time being?

Whatever the case the man wont be in Education forever if its all about him as a personality what happens to all his good reforms when he leaves or there’s a change of government? Cartels take over again and cheating resumes like it never stopped like what happened to Michuki reforms in Public Transport sector?

Your posts are usually clearly expressed, well thought out and on point. I like the mind that you are. Thank you

kenya pia Kuna structures kama hizi it just depends on the goodwill of the person in place

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Exactly my point. I think we have everything in place but there’s no good will from the person holding the office. Look at our constitution, for instance. I believe it’s the best thing that ever happened to kenya since independence. But look at the people we chose to implement it :(:(:frowning:


Politicaly appointed civil servants is the cause of this weakeness.In 2008/2009 the Belgian political parties took almost nine months to agree on who should be prime minister to form a government.Life went on as civil servants knew their duties.