Instant Wife

Some of you in here need to join this Church …
You might get lucky … :D:D

utaunganishiwa some crazy disaster kama andrew kibe…ujipate umevuta eject cord mid flight na slippers na ngotha mbili

“… A man who findeth a Wife findeth a good thing …” :D:D

This is the mother fucker who ‘resurected’ a man in msanzi!!

The only sweet instant thing is coffee

Huyu mwanaume atanyolewa pesa na pastor through dame. What a tragedy. Kama huwezi jiongelea tafuta sabuni.

Beware of these types of Church Unions …

Often , the “Man of God” has a vested interest in the woman …:D:D


Fixed, haha!

Rexx means its more than money. Pastor has higher access than you on that booty.

Hehe, yes of course, “investment” is not just about money.

By the way, these flamboyant pastas are way more “alpha” than most talkers. They know the good man image coupled with money gives them a real edge.

True that …

Show me any of these “Apostles” and I will show you a number of his “flock” that he “feeds” on … :D:D


Kamba pastor clip with a lady who is part of his congregation has been leaked online.

Well, well, hell…that’s some unholy communion. :D:D:D
We learn new realities daily; a good shepherd should feed his flock, not feed on them

There is a verse, can’t really recall the exact book or chapter, that is written, " man eateth where he worketh"

The guy doing the eating must’ve read, “Man shitteth where he worketh”