Instant Gratification Generation

People nowadays want instant results for everything. They want to be rich overnight, make a zillion Shillings through whatever means. Lottery, deals, whichever way.

The reading culture has been eroded by the prolification of the internet. Almost anything that you want answers about is quickly available on google that eliminates the need to plough through pages of big encyclopedias like during our ancient days.

Kama ni porno it’s readily available unlike our times when owning a few old pages of old Playboy or Penthouse magazine was a great achievement.

We are fvcked

Sioni shida ya 3rd paragraph

Fossils do not use the “F” bomb. They simply “F”. Fossils are too careful to attack Bidenstan with such abandon as you do on an open forum. You are not a playboy generation Ndindu. I doubt you are eben thirty fai


SEEN magazine ndio ilikuwa material yetu

I say it like it is. Fvck them. If they wanna trace my IP Fvck them again. USA is the most murderous empire in history, violates every international law

Greedy people are always easy prey because they don’t stop to think. Scammers are criminals who gain from people’s greed while being greedy themselves. The scammer and the victim are both motivated by instant gratification.

Rudi 1950 ukatumie smoke signal na geniuses wenzako.

Reading edifies your mind

i like this word

Upus thread

“Back in my day” headass.