Wadau, nmeconnectiwa by a friend to a guy who gives instant driving licenses and he’s been doing it for a while, are these things legit, he’s offering them at 6k, asanta

Ukienda kurenew ndio utajua hujui.

time ya ku renew it will be torn to pieces,kwanza huko times tower there is a machine which tears it instantly


Siku hizi d.l ni mahali upperhill ofisi za ntsa
B4 ulipe check Kwa portal ya ntsa that uko kwa system

enzi za times tower ziliisha kitambo my fren

but still the traffic cops will know if it’s fake and they normally tear it hapo wakikupata nayo

atapatikana tu bado by the traffic cops halafu atuletee hekaya

Short cuts are very expensive in the long run my friend. Utaepuka hapa na pale, but uta patikana tu

…Figure this out, You have caused an accident or you have been involved in one, hawa kina @Kirwa na @pamba will hold you by your balls, if they have the time…alafu insurance haita Cheka Cheka na wewe. Hapo ndio utajua the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the force applied.(Hooke’s Law)

Ecitizen portal.Best he can do,is to let him feed his details in ecitizen system.After confirming ,now he can pay for it.

I got my passport in a day. I have been to the ‘moon’ and back endless times

you don’t have a DL

You only go for such if you want to commit an untraceable crime

Is the earth flat from up ‘there?’

Amesema ataniweka ECitizen

Why don’t you do it yourself, are you a lay man?

I need it ASAP, I want to start driving my suzuki altoy:D:D:D

Ok, hiyo ASAP, ndio itachoma bet.


Very possible six k ni ya serikali unapata DL legit na kwani hanukishi kitunguu , what’s his cut?