Wakuu Help me out here.

I am trying to install Ubuntu on a USB, but it’s taking like forever.

2hours and nowhere. Tried thrice and feel like crying.

What could be the issue?

The issue might be caused by a variety of factors. Maybe the ISO file is corrupted, or the USB stick has issues, or a damaged USB port.
I’d start with a different USB stick and a new ISO file, and troubleshoot from there

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USB sticks ni mpya. but wacha nijaribu tena with your suggestion

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Unaeza try pia changing the software that you’re using. I prefer Rufus and Etcher

So, this is the error.

XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not owned by us (uid 0), but by uid 999!( This could eg happen if you try to connect to a non-root PulseAudio as a root user, over the native protocol

It’s going to be corrupted in there anyway. Just get a external drive.

This is during installation of the OS, sio? Are you dual-booting? It’s hard to diagnose this without fully understanding what you’re attempting to do.
Anyway, you might as well try another Debian-based OS, say Linux Mint, or Ubuntu Budgie, or Pop!_OS.

Yes During Installation. I just want to create a bootable USB which I can carry around.

He could be a pentester and all he needs is a bootable thumbdrive.

Labda sikuelewi. Are you trying to create a live USB stick (live CD) or install and use USB as your hard drive

Tafuta ventoy