Installing solar panels upcountry

Wadau! I need help. I have just finished building my Simba and I am a champion of environment so I want go green. I have this fundi and i don’t have complete trust in him, check out the budget he has given me. Saidia Mimi wasikule Mimi Sana.

Aiihh…macho iko mbaya.

How many batteries and solar panels?

Huyo anakuibia proper.

You can get a competent system from many companies! Site visits and quotations are free. Plus the systems are Lighting Global Certified ( )

Google for these companies;

Solar Now
Atum by Visaka
Mega Power

6 solar panels and 4 batteries

Give more details like type of batteries, total AH, total solar panels and wattage. This will give an indication of the inverter, charger and cable sizes costs .

is this one quotation or three?
inakaa unachezewa hapa

4 HANTI AGM batteries, 6 chloride solar panels

Any quotation from a serious vendor or installer will be printed with clear details.

Enda hapa uchukue hiyo ya 200k


Panel is around 13-14k monocrystalline.

Hapa unagongwa batt ya 200ah iko za from 20k around 4 ni kitu 80 haifai kupita Soo moja

Go to reputable guys like Davis&shirtliff ama chloride Exide, they have warranty on their products plus free consultation

enda chloride exide explain your power needs… watakupa fair price hapa unaibiwa…

I see 250ah lithium battery being sold at 180k:

I have some minimal experience (a few weeks) with a complete 250watt solar panel setup (panel, charge controller, battery, inverter) at a little more than 20k. It includes a 200ah battery.
Similar to, but not exactly:

A few weeks because I’m not there full-time.

Maybe ask for the exact brand names, type of battery, labour charged, technical details and know how etc…

I bought the wires for a few hundred shillings at a local hardware.

The ~20k setup was assembled manually, buy following instructions on youtube and understanding positive and negative connections. It has only been tested so far to charge a laptop and phones, no heavier consumption devices. In a well sun-lit location in Kenya at daytime. Did not go below 1 bar of full charge according to the charge controller.

When I get more experience, I might post a full review here

Ingia Alibaba na uwache kusumbua. Huko 3000 usd can get you 5-10 kva. Complete system wewe tu ni kufunga tu.

Hapo Davis and Shirtliff 200ah is 42750. So 4 will be 171,000.

Hatutambui jina sana

Mtu hajui kuspell miscellaneous na unataka kumpea 300k akushughulikie? A simple Google search of solar panels in Kenya will give you something better from akina solartek and the rest. Watt moja ni 50 bob. Hio panel ya 100k plus, unless unabake mawe sio realistic.

Looks fair enough, just double check which panels (mono or poly), inverter and mppt. Of course, you should have had your set up properly sized up.