10.00pm(yesterday) am already in bed ,I don’t know what the night has for me today .As usual I face up after a minute or so I turn on my right ,then face down ,I turn to my left and finally face up again .A complete 360°.Few minutes later I repeat the cycle ,over and over again until now I lose count .Sometimes when it is too much I decide to sit up ,open my browser –I try reading to no avail , I decide to write nothing comes up .I could chat up a lady but am very poor at texting especially when am sober .Finally I rest on my back face up and begin the cycle.ohh where thou art my sleep .
12.30 time is moving fast I really need to get some sleep I have to wake up at 5.00am to toil for my basic needs .The angels shine on me at around one I fall asleep .But I just don’t understand my sleep ,it is like am still awake I can tell my mind is very active a lot of activities –some I comprehend some I can’t .This usually last for about three hours .My last dream or brain activity mainly involves something I need to let go off .For example if in the dream I was being chased and caught by bad guys when they start choking me there reaches a point I have to let go because I can feel it is very real ,I can’t breathe ,I can’t lift my arm I can’t do anything to the particular individuals involved in that particular act ,the only choice I have is to let go or submit .When I submit I automatically wake up .usually around 3.30-4.30pm .
3.30 onwards .I call this tricky hour .When I didn’t have to wake up at five for work it was better .Between 3-30 and 4.30 I could turn and toss but finally some sweet sleep will take over me until 8am.i was termed lazy and not wanting to work because of this .But now it is tricky because this time I can’t sleep in an hour or so am supposed to be ready to go and hustle, therefore I have to stay awake .You know a man cant risk his livelihood. A friend of mine confessed that when she gets in bed after fifteen minutes she’s deep in slumber land .if you can afford some good night sleep you have something to be thankful about .

Mimi ata 5mins huwa haziishi…anyway hii story ya kuita ukidownload that you will do it fir real ni uwongo!

Okay here is some pointers that might hopefully help you:
1.Do NOT use any electronics on the bed. You need to train your mind the bed is for sleep. Keep your phone, laptop’s etc far from the bed. In addition do not use your bed for other umeffi activities such as eating, watching TV you get the flow? Make a tradition that once you hit the bed it’s either for sleep or kufikisha threshold.
2.Try listening to some relaxing music before going to bed.
3.If all fail enda Xvindeos, wank na ulale.

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buds this part sija get any …

Sleep Paralysis and Insomnia…I can relate.

Puff puff pass!

Konyagi double shot should make you sleepy.

I meant kuota

ohh I get it know ,

hii stuff hata sip ilinilemea ,
but ile day niko maji at least me hudoze better kiasi

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Any alcohol should make you sleepy. But don’t over indulge na ikuwe baada ya kazi.

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Hapo tuko wengi


A picture is worth a thousand words… Hii yako ni ngori
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can’t deny some things apply to me there

Going through some terrible nights as well after cutting off the booze but am keen to tough it out.

all the best