Insomnia sacco

Present !

Tuko macho, waiting for water melon swearing in

Me too, though I’m hours behind. Getting ready for the Super Bowl party in snowyhole.

Patrol imeshika.

Thank you for your service!

Reading for a pharmacology cat due today
Procrastination itamaliza mimi


Here I am

Slept early and jst woken up. I am supposed to be awake in 2hrs time(Alarm). Sijui nilale or stay awake…sina usingizee bt i know when that alarm karibias kuna kausingizee ukuja

Hizi ndio kazi mnafanya majuu.Hii pesa ya tafutwa kweli

Sijui mosquito ilingilia wapi kwa room.Kigui ndio kimeniamsha

Did you just ASSume that I was working for money? I was just clearing my driveway because we had some snow/freezing rain. We, of course, have a community organization (home owners association) that takes care of that, but they won’t do it until tomorrow (Monday). I had guests coming over for a Super Bowl drink and I had to look after their welfare. Some one could sue if they have an accident at your house (they’re my friends they wouldn’t do it, but any way it’s just courteous to clear the ice for them. Only took me a few minutes of my life).

Van mimi sikwes.

Was present had a bad dream anyway tumefunga hii sacco

What is superbowl in laymans language.You are talking to a Kenyan who have not seen inside of a plane.So be simple in your narration.