Insider sources BBI won't be edited - Ruto goose cooked?

The BBI won’t be edited at all in its current form according to insider sources. The main reason is because it’s about 2022 politics. The dynasties deep state wants to bait Ruto to oppose it because they feel like they will vanquish him in referendum and stop his match to presidency.
The Dyanasties handshake team that then wins the referendum will then win 2022 elections. So the BBI won’t be edited because it’s a 2022 succession tool thats meant to trap Ruto and stop his bid for Presidency. It has nothing to do with common mwananchi wadau.

Simple, if its unchanged it remains contested and there Ruto clearly has the numbers. Who would vote for such nonsense except Ojinga’s diehards

As things stand right now regarding BBI, Ruto has the upper hand and as evidenced by his resent tour of Mt. Kenya, his lead will only increase.

it could very easily get to a state that the dynasties decide the only way to deal with Ruto is to maliza him.

The dynasties can handle the consequences of such a move, its only the RV based madoadoas types that will get killed and evicted and nothing will happen to dynasties.

Even if by some miracle you change the galaxy and have sway over the universe to pass bbi nyoks as is, how does that hurt DP Uncle Ruto??? An all imperial Presidency is not want I want for him. Good for him bad for opposition and citizens.

On bbi nyoka we are defending our positions, that is mwananchi not politicians. I’m only glad he is agreeing with that position.

Secondly what has bbi proposed good for mwananchi that they can’t pass right now. Wanaongojea nini firimbi. Lastly any constitutional changes of government structures I.e executive, parliament, senate and judiciary must go to referendum. Tukutane huko.

That said this is just the start of posturing. Next will be threats, select meetings of pro MPs, senators, intimidation, select arrests, chest thumping etc. Then it will get to the floor of the houses, that’s where it can’t be hidden, the moves will be played live on TV, they will lose badly, change positions repeatedly, arrest more leaders, bribes many, disagreement on bribes, backstabbing and hit a brick wall. Note threats, more forgeries, speaker will get more pressure, select committee formed and consensus building starts. More posturing 2021 comes, more meetings, more drama then suddenly win-win solutions picked just as DP Uncle Ruto said from.the start. Compromises made, new things added and viola we have agreements. Handcheque team will then rush to prempt the deal as their own making and win. Then we can go to referendum on the government new proposed structures. That will be resoundly defeated and the succession period can start officially.

Stop wearing g-strings.

Why aren’t they accepting divergent views. Saa mbili asubuhi

If the handshake team, with its associated power brokers, comes out on top in 2022, this country will have gone to the dogs. This BBI, there’s just something about the manner in which it is being handled that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.