Inside the $6M mansion BLM reportedly bought with donated funds

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The sprawling $6 million mansion bought by Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles once hosted Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe as house guests — and comes complete with a sound stage, music studio, pool and a two-bedroom guest house.

The 7,400-square-foot Studio City compound is a 1930s “farm house” that also boasts seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, according to the real estate listing.

“Impressively renovated back to the 1930s with all the modern conveniences!” the listing said. “Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart were a few A-listers who stayed as guests in this estate.”

A shell company connected to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation bought the home in October 2020.Ringo Chiu for NY Post

Black Lives Matter bought a $6 million 7,400-square-foot Studio City mansion that hosted some of Hollywood’s most iconic stars.

The stunning mansion was secretly bought by a shell company in Oct. 2020 connected to the embattled Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which used part of its $90 million donation windfall to purchase the property as a “campus” for the organization, New York Magazine reported Monday.

Property records reviewed by The Post on Tuesday show the home was sold for $3.1 million to Dyane Pascall, a Los Angeles-based real estate developer who works in the nonprofit sector, in a deal that closed Oct. 27, 2020.

The seller at the time, televangelist Shawn Bolz, confirmed the sale to The Post.

Three days after the purchase, however, records show that the property was transferred to a Delaware limited liability company — named after the home’s address and representing BLMGNF — for $5.8 million. No transfer tax was recorded because the LLC was representing the nonprofit, which is tax-exempt. The LLC is registered under a Washington, DC office for the law firm Perkins Coie, which had set up the complex web of BLMNGF’s related entities in 2016.

The discrepancy between the two eye-popping amounts was not immediately clear.

Just before closing day, Bolz posted a video to his Twitter in which he spoke about being “passionate” about BLM, and how he was trying to convince more conservative members of his church to embrace the group’s civil rights cause.

“The black community has been mistreated,” said Bolz, the author of books like “Translating God” and “God Secrets,” in the 17-minute YouTube video.

He told The Post on Tuesday, “I really believe in their cause.”

The mansion has a custom-made wrought-iron staircase, marble-lined bathrooms, three fireplaces, recessed lighting fixtures, digital cameras and more.

The National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog, blasted the purchase of a luxury mansion by the nonprofit, and its lack of transparency.

“Charity cash was used to conduct what appears to be a hugely profitable transaction between a shadowy Delaware LLC and a close associate of the officers of BLMGNF,” said Tom Anderson, the director of the Virginia-based group’s Government Integrity Project.

The watchdog, which filed a complaint against BLMNGNF to the IRS last year, said it would also file an amended complaint to the California Attorney General following the revelations of the Studio City property purchase.

Three BLM leaders — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah — recorded a video last June outside of the mansion.

The leaders were marking the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

The mansion served as the backdrop in a YouTube video recorded last June by three BLM leaders — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah — who marked the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

“It’s because we’re powerful, because we are winning,” Cullors said of what she characterized as right-wing media attacks in the now-private video. “It’s because we are threatening the establishment, we’re threatening white supremacy.”

Months earlier, The Post reported exclusively in April 2021 that Cullors, a co-founder of BLMGNF, had scooped up four high-end US homes for $3.2 million, including three in the Los Angeles area and another outside Atlanta, complete with an airplane hangar. Cullors sold the Atlanta property months after The Post’s report in July 2021, according to public records. She resigned from the organization in May 2021.

BLM says the property was acquired in the “furtherance of BLM’s mission,” as well as for other uses, BLMGNF board member Shalomyah Bowers told The Post in a statement Monday.

The home is intended to serve as “housing and studio space” for recipients of the Black Joy Creators Fellowship, Bowers said.

“The organization always planned to disclose the property on the upcoming 990 due May 15th as part of BLMGNF’s ongoing transparency efforts,” Bowers’ statement continued. “BLMGNF has and continues to utilize the space for programming and leadership off-sites. The property does not serve as a personal residence.”

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Three BLM leaders — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah — recorded a video last June outside of the mansion.

The leaders were marking the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

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