Inside Romania...

@KamauLM as you can see the wazungu in Transylvania are not what you would call broke as you can see from their diet… now the gypsies on the other hand…

(Mind you this very famous YouTuber below lived and studied in Kenya for most of his early schooling. He knows Nairobi pretty well.)


Does anyone have a credible link to his background/history?

Wiens comes across as someone brought up in relative comfort and wealth who also romanticized poverty and its “boho” aesthetic.

His videos always feel … overly curated.

I found him through Mike Chen and the truth is, I was only able to watch so much of him … Even videos where he invites us into his home with his half Asian son and token Asian wife feel slightly off. Everything is just … there’s no other word for it, curated. He manages to visit a slum where people live in utter destitution and comes out with a video which makes you want to move there. Like idiots who watch documentaries about Africa and come here then get out of their cars to pet buffalo or lions.

He loves arranging stuff and making you see it exactly as he has set it up.

I keep waiting to hear news of him getting caught in a major paedophile ring or with a crawlspace full of human remains.

@patco rationalizing sucking up to the white man…

:D:D:D I preffer the bandana dude. By the way this Wiens guy smiles too much. Fake smiles galore. Kwanza when he visits Kenya he often hooks up with a Luo guy he schooled with when he lived in Kenya in the 90’s and yet his friend still lives in the slum. Hawezi inua jamaa bana…

This is the Luo friend of his :

Anyway @KamauLM more on Romania :

Si nilikuambia unakuwaga umejaa tu meffi kwa akili…


Sijui niseme, Kenya has good neighborhoods too. Tz has Oyster bay, a suburb with best ocean view. In fact KQ’s CEO(Polish) says Kenya has greater potential than his country but we’re always whining about everything.

Where’s your malaya Jewish mother?