Inside Iranian Factory Where U.S. Israel And U.K. Flags Are Made For Burning

[SIZE=6]Inside Iranian Factory Where U.S. Israel And U.K. Flags Are Made For Burning[/SIZE]

  • The Iranian factory produces more than 1.5 million flags each year for the domestic market.

  • Many of the flags are burned by demonstrators who are opposed to the policies of Britain, the US and Israel.

  • Both men and women work inside the factory which employs 42, and it produces nearly 1.5 million square feet of flags a year.

These fascinating photos show inside the largest flag factory in Iran where US, UK and Death to Israel flags are made for burning in protest at Western sanctions.

As tensions with Iran have intensified in recent weeks, the factory is doing a roaring trade in flags for destruction.

Photographer Farhad Babaei was allowed to see the production line which produces hundreds of thousands of flags a year.

Each flag is painstakingly printed on the stone with templates by hand before being hung to dry and later washed.

US, UK and Israeli flags are regularly burned in demonstrations in Tehran

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