[ATTACH=full]158019[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]158016[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]158016[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]158019[/ATTACH] Sketchy information from scene. A group of guys were having their khat session behind the main house garden (gazebo). Around 1:15-1:30am. After their session some of the guests were making arrangement to depart from the hosts residence.

They request the electric gate to be opened. The guy with the gate remote stood approx 50mtrs away from the gate in view of the gate while waiting for the guests to depart.

Immediately the gate opened approx 7 guys emerged. All with AK’s.

Part of the thugs ordered the hosts to surrender. One of the thugs approached the guy with the remote switch. At this point the guy with the remote switch shouted wezi!!! And he tried to run. He was shot and the round hit his hand. He fell to the ground and played dead.

While this was happening another guest ran to the back of the house and locked the steel door.
The host had gone to use the washroom when he heard the commotion. He immediately ran to grab his GLOCK inserted in a Roni with extended 50rd mag .

He approached his rear steel door and saw the thug. Fired 3 rds which hit the thug high chest.
The thug took off and ran towards the main gate, with shoots fired and commotion.

The host then exited the rear gate and ran around the house towards the front parking are where his guests were being ransacked. He had a clear sight but he decided not to open fire since he didn’t want to injure his guests. Immediately when the opportunity arose he opened fired and the thugs returned fire. 3 rounds missed him and hit a wall where he had taken cover.

A gun fight pursued and he shot another thug in the abdomen and on his leg.

All the thugs immediately at this point took off.

The thug hit with 3rds high chest succumbed to his injuries in the shamba next to the hosts property.

Karen last night at house of Mombasa Maize Millers.
Dodi engaged them back.

Saw this clip earlier nikajiuliza how stupid them thugs are Yaani even basic recon would have established that the owner is a lisenced gun owner.


Holy crap!!!

Gun license office ni wapi? Now I get why Americans are so sensitive over gunlaws…

Thats not a Glock…looks like an MP5

^^^^Oh…ok there is something called Roni which makes it look like an MP5…

mbona birionea anakula chakula ya mbuzi .

That did not look like a glock but a rifle.

Naona two dead people. one in beige and one in blue.

That is how to use your licensed firearm, instead of waving it at citizens in clubs or political gatherings.

Hiyo ng’ombe ilikula mbegu ya chest ilikuwa na kiherehere sana.