Insecurity in South Coast

A spate of gun attacks have left businessmen pondering what to do with their stock after thugs opened fire today morning in Ibiza and made away with over 300k. Just last week an electronic shop was broken into, goods worth over a million carted away and the security guard killed. That same week, a gun attack had left one man dead and several injured from bullet wounds.
I was the first victim of these attacks, though they looted everything, no life was lost, I thank God. From my observation, its quite clear they target ‘watu wa bara’ coz hao ndio wenye biz mingi huku.
I wish the government can do something coz at this rate, hata stock sieziweka tena. Without security, hatuezifanya lolote. Maybe an overhaul at Diani police can bring a turnaround to this runaway security.

“these” people :smiley:

na vile wanajipa sifa na miti shamba this time hazisaidii

Mganga hajigangi budda

You stay in Diani? The levels of insecurity witnessed in the last one week is scary.

Yea man, its a mad world down here