innovative fridays... DIY Man!

say no to the bar this december, and build this…

  1. cut and clean - use a food barrel


  1. build a stand


  1. fabricate additions [lid handle, hinges etc]


  1. drill holes for hinges, handle, vents


  1. grill stands


  1. grill racks


  1. racks and hinges in place


  1. air inlets [closed]


  1. air inlets [fully open]


  1. burn off any paint and odors


  1. exhaust and air inlet [open partially]


  1. exhaust pipe


  1. complete grill with handle and temperature gauge…



@Wakanyama Kuja hapa


You expect uwesmake, CouchP or The Virus to skip their drinks and do all that work?
Alafu Wakanyama atauzia nani nyama choma?


Very good!

@milvoski should be learning such…Kindly strive to impress me;)

Crush detected

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Yes, long time

This made me think of epic meal time

Lol discretion is not in your repertoire.

@milvoski ‘jinga’ hii uko. Ishajipa

ni mimi ni handle nilichange…inbox

but next time state upfront on what is being made si tuscroll hadi chini ndio tujue

yaani hii kazi yote juu ya kuchoma nyama for only one day na wakanyama yuko?

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i built one some time ago…although mine is vertical with some alterations
dont have any recent pics of it…only when i was completing it:

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Nice, pics of it in action…

I will check my archives for some other pics