Inks hotel


You want to sleep with your grandmother?

Siwesmind . She is beautiful and has hips ass .

Wanaume hampendi pesa zenu I think admin should allow me to post photos of hoes and their phone number who are worth the money if you are buy pu$$y go for quality and set standards

Don’t mind them, majority of talkers who post such threads are chronic wankers

Shame on you huyu ni mama ya @Motokubwa

Yes tunakujua lichoti since you faced the mountain ni cabbage na carrot tu

Please do.Half of the pics people post make me loose respect for them day by day

Do you know him? He might be the grandfather…lol

Bottom feeder.

Most likely


Mimi nipatie

Ati mlisema watu wa Whitecap na Guinness kubwa ni wagani…

70% of talkers be above 56years old

Inks hotel inapatikana wapi?

I would definitely hit it [SIZE=1](more than once )[/SIZE]but seriously not something to be proud about !

tumesalimiana boss . 100% sure. but not worth repeating it was an “ok” puthy service session, nothing out of the ordinary.

Tulisema vitu zingine ukikula sio lazima ulete kwa kijiji

Guys respect mzee mzima mum…let me tag him akuje mbio