[ATTACH]100751[/ATTACH] Well nimepiga debe hii game.As I try and see if its worth a buy this weekend.[ATTACH]100756[/ATTACH] Watu wa injustice gods among us know this will lead to the complete edition- mtu ka mimi nilibaki last time[ATTACH]100757[/ATTACH] niki meza mate [ATTACH=full]100758[/ATTACH]
watu wakicheza na zood,zatana na mm

Hio shit ya ign kubonga mbaya juu ya story line ya injustice [ATTACH]100763[/ATTACH]
only guy remaining is [ATTACH]100753[/ATTACH] zero punctuation by the escapist.
But its a consensus that ED boon is one of the best game developers.

So crapcom and hata tekken 7 hapa pan tambua kitu this year

Waliniudhi sana hizo editions (standard, ultimate, deluxe). Since am not going online anymore I will sit this one out for a year or so then get the updated/patched version etc. Lessons from MKX.

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[ATTACH]100773[/ATTACH]Hatumezi mate tena

MK is still better in my view

[ATTACH]100784[/ATTACH] They are different…even this is rated TEEN while mk is mature.Different markets plus this is for dc characters while marvel has marvel vs capcom …then tekken and sfv etc and all of em have different fighting mechanics add to that

@screwplus Do you have this yet?

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And to think I paid 13k for this game. I raise a glass to NRS/WB business ways.


[ATTACH]100801[/ATTACH] lakini simezi mate tena nangoja after E3 [ATTACH]100802[/ATTACH] what will be the summer sale price drop.I hope isiwe ka GTA V [ATTACH]100804[/ATTACH] nilitry juu chini but wapi iko hio area ya 40$ imekata kushuka chini ya hapo.[ATTACH]100803[/ATTACH]