Injustice 2 Atom Gameplay - Where is the pc CRACK!!!! and other Entertainment drops

na kulikuwa na wase wa MvCi and wengine tekken and SFV …now you see why ED BOON is the only one making games worth a look at

Dec 29th perfect between gaming sessions will blunt through this
FUCK how i feel right now with all thats i have and can do during DECEMBER


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Hio black mirror season 4 nilikuwa nimengoja niaje…
@wildfrank ulinunua fm2018? Ama unangoja cracj

Ngoja December 29th

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Injustice apan tambua

In all fighting games out this game has had the best DLC drops ujue hii ni atom the oldest from the fighter pack reveal 3 kuna TMNT and rumors of a new Mk being anounced…Tekken iko tu na geese and SFV has been dead since day one and MVCi doesnt have the mutants or any new dope character…seriously kuna way unaweza try ku undersell hii game
Single player voted as one of the best for a fighting game hands down- i played it but yeah its steps ahead of the others but Tekken 7 iko hapo close for me cuz of nostalgia
Costumes iko covered na gear system so many combo to choose from so hizo cieth zingine zime fail na dlc drops za costumes(2017 and kuna games with such bull shit na si swim suits za Dead or alive)
characters…they have hellboy,tmnt and sub zero and Raiden as guest xters so
Atom’s has the sickest mechanic ever hands down that shit is trippy
ED BOON is the real deal…my nigga harada was a let down kwanza the eddy and hwoarang story mode they were shafted vibaya sana

Black Mirror…oh yes!

Hehe i downloaded the game pc app but still waiting for the crack.

I think i will have to buy the original one before they find a way to crack the game(will take ages before crack)

Ndio nimeona hadi next year.
Reviews zinasema that haiko poa saaana