Injured police flown to nairobi

if the so called peaceful demonstration in nyanza caused 28 police officers to be injured .It shows how rowdy the riot got hence the use of live bullets,but I dont support the killing of protesters .[ATTACH=full]41509[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]41510[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]41511[/ATTACH]

Isn’t Kisumu one of Kenya’s largest cities? Why did they have to fly them all the way to Nairobi? Aren’t there hospitals in Kisumu (Aga Khan etc) that would have treated them? I could see if there were life threatening injuries. The cop stepping off the plane seems able to walk on his own strength.


CORD will exploit the images of the dead and injured protesters

JUBILEE will do the same only that it will use its galant police officers

The govt. can now justify the use of deadly force, since they have debunked the peaceful protesters tag; what better way than to receive the policemen at the runway in full glare of the media?



it’s a zero sum game, neither CORD nor Jubilee is winning new voters, wacha tuone if it will win over western powers


Hawa wanajua injury ni nini…just bruises that a simple dispensary can handle…

Next week watu was cord wataona moto


enyewe kuemploy watu wa d+ ni mbaya. wengine hata kuact hawajui.

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Hebu wafafanulie. Mimi pia nimeona tu minor bruises.

Expect a shoot-to-kill directive from Kaisari. Codomites wanajiingisha kwa mtego. By election time, they will be less several '000,000 voters.


you don’t even need to see a doctor for these bruises .nurse atakumalizia na uende home…

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shiny eyes takes over from being a jehovahs witness .i thought you were politicaly neutral anyways killing of such a scale is too huge .even rwanda genocide killed almost a million .but it seems deep down if you had the power you could be worse than hitler

Wanapelekwa forces memorial

Yaani unaletwa Nairobi kwa ndege alafu ukishamake “full recovery” MBUKINYA ndio itakurudisha Nyanza…ni khaaaaard!!


Hawa ni wa pale strathmore, wameingia ndege Wilson, it took off, and land a few min. later for the photo op. Message has been passed that next monday kiboko ni ile ile


all of them are injured on the left arm.

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Perceptions… perceptions… monday hakutakua na rubber bullet hata moja

appetiser for 2017


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A whole journalist na hata hakuchukua mbicha ndio tuamini?