Inheritance disputes in Kenya

And it’s not just the rich( famous) families. It’s everyone. This population of parents born 1940-1963 are a failure. The Nyayo generation.

In the olden days, a father of the homestead, called his family members and divided the property once his sons attained a reasonable age. But the current generation of parents hold everything to their chest like a woman clutches her purse walking along River Road. Until they die.

You find people in their 70s and 80s, unable to walk even 50m due to osteoporosis, still dreaming of being the most successful farmer in their area. So they hang on to their shamba to death, leaving brothers/brothers fighting for another 30 years.

And in modern Kenya, you don’t even have to subdivide property. Simply dump all your holdings into a trust or a LLC and give your kids membership. Other than your little upkeep, profits split evenly.

Buroti culture is a curse. Very rarely hear the same from Muhindi. Inheritance plan is mapped when old man is still strong.


Unless the children are disabled or something, they should work for their keep


Hapa Kathonzweni nitawachia watoto wangu shamba nyingi za maembe na maharangwe

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We have tried the same at home lakini wapi watu hawataki trust they know that will restrict them from disposing part of their property I guess to each their own


Most people raise very entitled children.


Kama uko na mali na umezeeka, gawia watoto. After all, when you were young, the excuse you gave for accumulating all those possessions was “Natafutia watoto”. Walk the talk. Why should children suffer when you are hoarding all that ‘wealth’? After all, utakufa tu, uiache na uachie watu shida waking’ang’ania hio mali. Muache uchoyo.


The problem is that ukigawiana shamba the next thing the young man thinks of is disposing the said piece of land alafu pesa anaenda kupiga nayo sherehe na malaya. You kept that land, used it for farming and then kijana wako auzee akojolee pesa. Thats what most old people dont want. Wengine wanauza shamba wanunue gari wakuwe wanashow off a liability. Huko ocha kwanza unapata mtu anauza shamba ndo anunue piki piki. Its really bad. Most old people want the same piece of land they inherited to be passed down not sold. Secondly, work on acquiring your own land si kusumbuana na babako ukingoja siku atakufa uchukue shamba yake. Mshienzi wewe.


That generation is adapting to current realities. They already know that children can’t be banked on to look after them. Why on earth would you distribute your property when you are still alive? I believe that not distributing property when they are alive is the right and smart thing to do because kids cannot be relied on these days. A will is better because it kicks in posthumously.

So you would rather leave a divided generation of descendants? And donate 50% of your property to lawyers?

As you age, sell all your properties uanze kukula kidogo kidogo. Watoto wajipange wajinunulie yao, unless they are disabled or something

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That’s a good solution actually. Sell what will cause problems.

I think Riggy G late brother Nderitu Gachagua did the best thing!
Everything is sold save for a few sentimental stuff like matrimonial homes and ancestral land,na kila mtu apatiwe pesa bari bari (@Electronics4u priss translate :smile:) ajipange nayo!

Nderitu Gachagua’s Sh2 billion property is to be sold and the proceeds shared among 24 beneficiaries, according to his will.

Mr Gachagua (pictured), who died while in office last February, wanted his entire estate, except three houses he left to his two widows and two sons, to be sold.
The beneficiaries include two sons the former governor sired out of wedlock.

Jason Kariuki and Aston Gachagua who he fathered with Susan Wanjiru and Eva Mukami, are among those listed in his will seen by The Standard.

However, their share of the inheritance will be managed by their mothers….

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As a man if you subdivide your property while you’re alive what happens next will have you spending your last few years stressed and in regret.
Better to hang on to every little thing until death… Whatever happens after you’re dead is not your problem.
The only succession plan a man should map out is regarding the administration(not ownership) of his businesses

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