Ingenious harvesting of fog

This has applicability mob sana…

High IQ beings

If they were to take over Africa for just 20 years, Africans living abroad would start rushing back home.


@Ndindu atapata blisters for wanking to this


Niliona hii kitu last year ikanibamba sana. All the ranges in Kenya are potential applicable zones. Now one can move to a hilltop without fear of where to get fresh natural water. Pale Mua kwa Sonko hii inaweza fanya mzuri kabisa. Ngong hills… wacha tu. You should check out the one done in a cold desert I think in south America. Tamu sana.

You are overthinking the problem…

Why not just harvest the rain water that is now just running waste into the Indian Ocean…???



But Kenyans have been doing this for ages. Uwuache upus.



May be I live on a hilltop.