Mombasa, incumbent Governor Hassan Joho with 63% popularity, ahead of Jubilee’s Suleiman Shahbal who gets 15%.Wiper’s Hassan Omar is third with 4.8 % while Nyali MP Hezron Awiti has 3%.

Uasin Gishu 54.2% prefer Buzeki while 42.1% said they would vote for Governor Mandago. Another 3.7% are undecided

From a recently converted Buzeki guy, i approve this poll. Met two of Buzeki drivers on different occasions and each of them said that even if Buzeki suddenlydismisses them without reason, they’d still vote for him. He’s described as a very organised fellow, whose attention to detail is incredible and personally follows up the welfare of the thousands of Kenyans he has employed. BuZeKi juu juu kabisa. Tai ole Tai!


Mr Oparanya has a popularity rating of 68.3% while Dr Khalwale has 13%

We need polls for the Presidential contest.

umenishtua! But it seems you state what is on the ground. Juu just recently you outlined how it was madango. It seems Uasin Gishu cannot be called early


Miguna atalilia kwa gunia

kakamega hata msishughulike, Oparanya won long ago…and this is coming from a Khalwale sympathiser

Mandago was flying high but kiburi yake became his undoing. Plus there have been some revelations of corrupt deals he’s cutting last minute. Saa mbili jamaa anaenda Ziwa

I think Khalwale miscalculated. Sasa ni Siberia for five years and then nobody will remember him. I think the senate seat was his for the taking angoje Oparanya amalize zake 10.

I hope Mandago keeps his cool if he loses.

Like he has a choice

akishindwa ni hivyo either aende kortini ama afinywe makende

Infotrack lost all credibility when they showed Kabogo was in the lead just before nominations only for Waititu to dismantle him on D-Day.

Khalwale was actually very much aware hawezi toboa but he still went ahead with his intentions, even kamikazes would be proud. I honestly dont know his plans, if he has any, but i dont think he is that stupid. Funny enough kakamega want him back as a senator, some study we did placed his numbers at over 80%.

How about Malala? That young man gunning for senator

Without Khalwale Malala takes it

TOJ on Khalwale, and the way he’s been running his mouth akisema lube lube.


This Malala? ( )