Inflation and Interest rates, banking crisis in the making?

According to this thread he says that the efforts to fight inflation of the US dollar by raising the interest rates have led to US banks holding depreciated assets and are facing a liquidity crisis in the event of a bank run.

He places a bet that Bitcoin will be worth $1M in 90 days


Thinks haven’t been looking so good in the financial sector, what do you people think?






Nice thread…There’s a YouTuber called I Allegedly who’s been calling it for years. He speaks in a very calm manner but his message is on point. Preparation is imperative to survive what’s coming.

@Simiyu22 @Abba sanctions are working. Putin is finished he will be overthrown in 2 weeks time. Who is laughing now.
China wakiamua kushort their USA bond holding the USA Ponzi debt will crumble down.

This is what everyone has been saying from kitambo but everything is holding tight…

I wonder how much longer things will hold…

If they survived 2008 crisis and pulled out stronger this is nothing…

Lmaooooooo…whose banks are crumbling ? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
kule kwenyu sasa hata wizi polisi hawashughuliki

Ata unanikumbusha…i lost around 300 pounds on Credit Suisse. They were sold over the weekend nikakuwa liquidated at a loss.

kwetu wapi? mimi hapa nime participate demonstrations kabisa and was at protest kimpango… so kwetu wapi you are refering to?

Does he mean the dollar will depreciate that much or is it everyone will buy btc, hence the proposed 1m value?

Maybe both?