Infinix Zero X rumored to have beast specs

According to the leaked images, the phone will spot an Amoled screen, 8/256GB and to top it all, a 160W charger capable of 0-100 in 18 mins.

Avoid infinix and tecno if you hate ads. The phones come some shitty app called palm store that serves endless ads - and you can’t uninstall or stop it.


Bloatware galore…

Infinix, Itel and Tecno ni garbage

Palm store yenyewe ni king of umeffi:D
Ghasia hu-Install mpaka apps bila permission:D
ilinisumbua kwa tecno camon12 mpaka nikatii amri


These days, they even have questionnaires that you must fill, some with hundreds of questions each on their premier phones. Total crap I tell you.

Which ads are you talking about? Currently using tecno camon 17 pro 256Gb, 8 Gb Ram, 64mp camera all for 28k and the phone runs like a beast. I stay with a phone for five years. Wouldn’t spend 50k on a phone and you can be sure I am not a peasant.

What I am sure is that there’s always a way around this apps. Freeze stop them. Or root the phone and delete every crappy app. Simple as that


Don’t even know which bloatware and ads they are talking about coz no app is interfering with my daily usage of the device.


you cannot freeze or stop palm store which in turns installs or pin some instant apps(not really installed) at the top of the phone home screen.
Unless you root the phone which is unnecessary struggles

No word such as unnecessary

Basi iko fwain. Me husema simu na budget ya 25+ ni best

These days, they even have questionnaires that you must fill, some with hundreds of questions each on their premier phones

yaani jnataka kunyonga kabla presentation ndio upate confidence alafu inabidi ujaze questionaire kwanza???!

infinix screen huawaga kama porn site… pop ups every minute na background apps that steal your data

Neither a peasant too and I have a tecno Camon 16 Premier (8gb, 128gb, 48M dual Camera, 64M quad camera). While the phone looks good and is fairly fast, it serves ads through apps that you cannot uninstall, freeze or stop. They updated their HiOS yesterday and now I cant even choose what content I see on the home screen - Continuously serving crappy news and other shit nonsense! I actually want to discard it and buy a phone that I can own - not one where it behaves like I have rented!

I don’t know what these guys are talking about. Ooh too many ads, pooh overheating

What Infinix are you using?