Infidelity gone sour

Safari ikiwa ngumu shuka tu utembee .
Hekaya attached [MEDIA=facebook]10156854413433896[/MEDIA]

Songa, songeni …hii lazima tukae shini


Porojo…Scripted…If the husband was arrested cause his number were found on the phone of the lady…what about the fake brother bearing in mind that they were together that night? Ati wanaume wamekupeleka introduction only to turn them down…Danganya toto jinga

There’s no other pair I can’t stand more on radio than those two.
But who am I to decide what their core listeners(Luhyas) like?

Kuna mjinga hapo hucheka kiufala Sana. Fake story



I was once forced to listen to these guys for a full week! Couldn’t believe that there was a pair capable of out doing maina kageni…and they target luhyia housemaids and watchmen…bure kabisa…don’t waste your time listening to them

Hii ni patnisho ?

Makarao wakienda waseme wanataka Huyo dame, watasema they cannot reveal their sources as journalists?


Are you insinuating that my tribesmen who are watchmen and house managers are over 10 million?

No, he’s insinuating your tribesmen are maids and watchmen. Period.

Gidi ni watu wa ukweli banaaa!

Wewe Cleo nakushuku sana

Ita polisi.

I hate how the presenter laughs over caller predicament

Wamewai enda counselling juu one of these calls led to someone’s death

That’s Ghost for you. I have never understood why he does that.