Inferiority Complex / Self-Hate / Low Self-esteem

Listen you idiots,

I’ve been seeing a lot of you internalizing your inferiority complex towards other races. It’s as if you already believe that you’re the lowest men on the totem pole because of your blackness. You automatically assume that there’s a bogeyman out there waiting to get every Black man.

As a result, you make posts re-enacting these beliefs. A case in point is about a post concerning the breakup of some young black dude with Bill’s daughter Phoebe. Among the most prevalent comments are about how “no young and got white girl” dates black guys unless they’re a rapper/athlete/rich etc.

I am here to tell you that it’s false. Why? I live in fucking America and have been to most of Europe as well as Australia and there are millions of young black men (ordinary ones at that) in relationships/marriages with young white women. Not only that, but also other interracial relationships with Arab/Indian/Asian/hispanic women. Multitudes of them. The mentality that black men are unworthy unless they fit a certain stereotype founded on bullshit critical race theory is not only untrue but ridiculous. What’s even more pathetic is that a lot of you regurgitating this rhetoric have never even lived among and interacted with white people. As a result, you simply project your inferiority complex on other black men who don’t share that pathetic mentality. There are young ordinary black guys that are confident and go-getters. They’re pursued by all these women who you guys think wouldn’t date them because of their blackness. It’s like you guys actually believe that you don’t deserve any admiration or love because you simply think you’re undesirable. Yaani you guys have been mentally conquered kabisa.

I went to a top rich white as fuck college and black guys (broke college kids) were dating bombshell white women, were part of many student clubs and fraternities and contributed to the student body in amazing ways. I also work at a top company and in company social events, young black guys show up with attractive women of other races. Hell, my building in New York has a few dozen black guys all dating smoke shows. In the streets of New York, I see ordinary black guys with women of various other ethnicities showing affection towards each other so this mentality that black men are not worthy is bullshit.

Kenyans and most of Black Africa have internalized their position in the world and think that they’re a bane to everyone’s existence. You think you’re useless to the world because of various narratives you only read in right wing platforms like 4Chan. KTalk also is filled with low confidence black guys calling themselves bonobos and embracing their inferior status in the world.

FUCK ALL OF YOU. Someone needs to drop a nuke so we can get rid of this mentality from all Kenya. That’s why foreigners are treated like Gods in Kenya and Blacks are treated like shit because you all believe that you should be at the bottom. It’s obvious that a lot of you will never make it in life with such a defeatist mentality. I would hate to live a day in your shoes. Unbelievable.


the problem in these kijiji is that most men can’t even court Kenyan women, they prefer buying and paying for sex, they scorn their fellow men who are in any sort of relationship with women.
i have always wondered if this is a result of low self esteem brought by economic hardship or is it due to following advice from losers on the inter-web, those guy of this is how to become alpha man.


I agree. You’d have to have an extremely low or non-existent level of self-confidence/esteem to even think of paying for sex. These guys can’t even approach and make conversation with a women. Add the inferiority complex they have and it becomes a comedy show of sorts. Losers everywhere but what’s worrying is that this mentality is prevent among many African men. It’s like they can’t even believe it when an ordinary black guy like themselves is doing well in any sort of way ; they must credit it to something (money, fame etc). They just can’t fathom an ordinary black guy being successful at anything (even dating a woman of a different race). It’s truly worrying. Man we’re fucked as a country if these are the type of cowards we have.


Its interesting to read unbiased thoughts of a black man in the US, what are your experiences on racism considering your financial status, and how come that dude who runs that huku yu us channel posted that nyeuthis who get to the US should be ready to date only Obese white women, bcuz those are the ones who are available.

Don’t listen to village idiots who come to the US and all of a sudden start to speak as if they’re the wisemen of all matters America. Look at that Onami guy for a second: does he look like he even has friends? Do you think he has any hobbies outside of shooting videos claiming how knowledgeable he is? It’s like some village guy from Marsabit going to Nairobi and then asserts himself as the sole authority on every issue in the capital.

Most people speak from their own experiences and think that their struggles are representative of every member of their race. Onami for example, would you date him if you were a woman? If he’s taking Ls with hotties and only scoring with obese white women, then that says a lot about him BUT NOT ABOUT BLACK MEN. He’s just ugly as fuck (no offense) and he thinks his failures are due to his BLACKNESS. This is the problem with small minded people. They attribute all their shortcomings to one single thing (RACE in his case) and ignore all else. It’s like an ugly black woman wondering why she’s unable to attract handsome men and then concludes that it must be because she’s Black and that ALL black women are struggling.

In my experience and that of my friends, solid guys date attractive women of different races and sloppy guys like Huku Yues have to settle for fat whales. Those are the women available to him. Add on to the fact that he came to the US while much older and you can see that he has zero clue about social norms and matters women in America.

He possesses the mentality that I keep talking about here ; that of black men who think they’re truly inferior and only deserve scraps. Give such a lowlife a platform and he’s able to hoodwink hundreds of thousands of young African men about how unworthy they are. Bure kabisa.