Industrial Bhangi

Industrial Bhangi aka Hemp has very many uses,

making biodegradable plastics,
its an alternative to carbon fibre
an alternate to timber
weed control
clothes making

90kg of maize goes for 3000, 90kg of industrial bhangi will go for about 3 million.

How do i start a petition (or whatever) for government to legalize industrial bhangi?

It’s illegal in 254

you’ll probably need a lot of backing from legal experts, business men and men of science to begin with

ilipigwa marufuku time za ukoloni isilete compe to cotton.
haitakua rahisi

Bhangi wewe unataka kuharibu market, let weed remain illegal you motherfaka

Try getting a license to grow it in Rwanda.

And big tobacco will probably grind you under

ofcos , u gotta watch out for them.