Several representatives of countries stage a walkout at the start of the speech of the Israeli delegation during the International Labour Conference in Geneva.

The whole world is turning its back on jews. All the hard work they have done to convince world citizens that they have been victims is down the drain. The world hates them. They will win the battle, but loose the war. Forevermore they will remain the scum of the earth.

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Did the Kenyan delegation walk out ?

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Good question.

Wanasema heri kunyonga :monkey: ni free

Was Atwoli there ?

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Another good question.

Sawa bro but why do you concern yourself so much with hii mambo ya Arabs and Jews? INAKUHUSU AJE??? Kama ni mambo na human rights why aren’t you talking about the people being butchered in Sudan and Congo? Kila siku tu ni Jews this Jews that… umezidi msee.

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