Indonesian Submarine Goes Deep Cover

Apparently the thing plummeted to the ocean floor. The 53 member crew is expected to run outta oxygen by 3am Saturday (kesho). Hapa sioni hope, waanze tu kujitayarisha for a mass funeral.

ION, how long until Joe Biden somehow blames Russia for this latest incident?

Indonesia again. Bad luck with planes disappearing, tsunamis now submarine. What a curse nation

They should sink immediate help from Iran

That was Malaysia

Kuna ndege ili dissappear Indonesia na haijawahi patikana hadi leo … yes Indonesia

Correction: Leo saa tano usiku.
Mass funeral IF, at all they find the vessel

Hapa hakuna hope, hao washatafunwa na sharks

Why should bonobo countries try to involve themselves in technology that is unsustainable just to appear developed?

There’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes, sabotage is quite common from predatory countries.

Because a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.