Indians wamechoka. Piga polisi kama burukenge


India is a strange, strange place.

Kichapo proper. Let’s wait and see how responsive the Indian Gov’t will be.

Afande you’re next

China really messed up the world.

Raia wakichoka ndio serikali itajua they have been ruling under the mercy of the Citizen.

Lockdown protests also in Europe. Europe is also a strange, strange place.



Kwani gari iliisha mafuta?

Why do people like blaming the government

Pia mtoto ya doggy alikunja mkia anafungua nchi. Tungemtoa huko aende akanyonye Kwa mamake. Umbwa msenge yeye.

You need to read a book Escape from freedom by a guy Erich Fromm. and you will understand what’s at play here.
Humans, always want to go back to that infant stage where the consequences of their actions are someone else’s responsibility. In this case, the government hence the blame.

You named yourself appropriately.

Malisa io ghasia. Ongezeeko @Electronics4u kwa hio list pia

Mzungu hana dosari bro. Even our lord Jesus himself was a white man.

Kama ingekuwa huku, there would probably have been a massacre (of the citizens by the police). Tianamen would have looked like child’s play. We have allowed our cops too much power and allowed them to operate without facing consequences.

no, it just wanted the schools to reopen smoothly.

Hii nugu iko za hapa tu :

Remember India was his biggest remaining headache.

Na US ingekuwanje? Clobbering and chasing a cop with a fimbo?

We seem to have adopted the thuggish US model. I think we need to go back to the british/european model of cops operating with adequate but limited powers. Otherwise we are creating a monster that will soon evolve into something very deadly. I wish ungekuwa huku mtaani uone vile hawa police wa mask u-operate. They are always fearsome gangs. of like 10 cops with pipe whips. Even dogs bark at them.

Lazima hizi ujiga zishe, ndio @kush yule mnono ajue hajui