Indians on YouTube

I search for something, I get a video titled in English. I play the video and a guy starts rapping in Hindi. I dislike the video & switch off my data.

Google needs to come up with a way of dealing with these unethical Indians wamejaa YouTube. #pissed off YouTube user

people love the Indians for the educational tutorials.
but as you said, it reached a point where every Indian decided to make a video.
don’t forget they are more than a billion, so that’s a good market to get youtube views hence money.
and the English title may be bait

Indians wao huniudhi juu ya venye husumbua madem wetu.

Unfortunately Indians are the only ones who review cheap stuff like the Uka tvs unapenda…

Hamjua kuweka sub titles, ata Mimi sijui.

Then what is the need of watching. Si I go read an article then

Polluting the internet. Google should introduce a menu where one can block videos from certain sources. It should also be possible to block some creators from ever appearing in search returns.

It’s so easy for Google to do that. I’m sure even their support team is tired of numerous reports from users.

But if they do, it will be against developer ethics and it’s a blatant racial discrimination. So this puzzle is hard for them to crack

No solution found yet

How now? You are just filtering out the languages you do not understand. The reaction would be the same if your query returned Spanish videos.

Start blocking the creators as you come across them. Eventually the youtube algo starts to back off.

i like watching stand up comedy , search for stand up and wahindi wamejaa huko mpaka unaboeka ! …i hate indians , all indians are selfish racist f*cks , idi amin said it and it’s true