Indians (In Kenya) and Business (Long-Dick Alert)

I’ve also heard (never confirmed) that there are religious sacrifices Indians make on their money. No wonder many Indians rarely give money to you by hand, they push it over the table and you pick for yourself. A friend of mine who works for Muhindi tells me they are not paid through interbank transfers, but strictly on cheques, each employee their own leaf, yet it’s quite a big company not like the hardwares that employee 5-10 blacks, mostly Cambodians

have been asking my self where do we go wrong they only come with bags but shortly they drive big cars while we watch…we must re think our ways…

50,000 my foot!!
That is the number of non Kenyan Asians.
Kenyan Asians are not less than 500,000.Otherwise then Westlands Parklands Loresho and Ngara have all the Indians put together.
Almost all the major towns have around 10,000 at least.Nairobi Mombasa and Kisumu obviously have more.

Indians just like Somalis have an informal banking sector, though siku hizi Wasonjo wametandika wahindi kwa hi sector. The benefits gained from accessing this service is immense.