Indian snake charmer not so charming

Alrrrrrrrigggggght ! Wapenzi watazamaji wacha niwapeleke moja kwa moja hadi paleeeee India.

A snake charmer and his python going about their daily hustle of entertaining bored passersby UNTIL the snake decided to cling onto the man’s neck , and slowly by slowly tightened and tightened , the man struggles , passes out and that’s not even the worst part of it all …


There is no struggling there

Hio haisaidii brathe … Twambie kama amehara pilipili tusifungue

Hiyo kitu iko staged, that snake isnt thick enough to strangle a guy, then venye huyo mjamaa anabehave, its awkward. Acha niachilie hapo nisitumiwe snake inistrangle

I can’t see the worst part of it all,

The idiot who is recording the video and asshole who are standing by like there is nothing going on.

they were letting nature take…

Then he won’t last long either way … kujigonga kichwa kwa ground then dragging yourself by the face down is not good business practice .

I see

I saw somewhere a guy who keeps smaller pythons as snakes say if that snake even used 10% of its power, it was enough to kill him.

this snake looks like its big enough to kill a cat, so a human neck is nothing.

This always makes me happy to hear from when I was a kid… wapenzi watazamaji wacha nimwapelekee moooja kwa moja kwa studio yetu ya pili

I wont watch that,thank you for not attaching pictures.I would not intentionally look at a snake.

Try the one in my pants.

No thank you,I’m sure I wouldn"t be amused.

It’s never amusing bae…lamba lolo!

Dude, you are forgetting that a snake is made of muscles all its body. Even a snake aquarter that size can kill you.

Once i upcountry, while looking after cattle, a shamba went to relieve Himself in the bushes. Then we heard Him screaming. He wouldn’t keep quiet, we went to check.

He had a puff udder in His hands with the head pressed at the bottom with His thumb that the snakes mouth was open poison dripping.

The snake coiled its body on His arm so tightly that the hand started going numb. He had to switch hands.

It took three of us to unroll the snake from His hand. We threw it to the ground and watched it slither away. It was like 1.5metres long.
He said while busy in His business the snakes where mating. The female one passed close to Him and then the male one hot in pursuit passed between His legs from behind. Just after the head passed His dick it stopped and started surveying with the raised head. He couldn’t let it strike Him He dived for the head and luckily got it.

:D:D:D:D:Dhe he…mnafaa kuhamia “Open defecation free zone”; stop messing with nature…

Fake story

NV there’s a reason why stories around here are called hekaya. They are only good for their entertainment value. Learn to tolerate or post a hekaya of your own tuchambue.