Indian Police vs Moslems

Moslems decide to block a street to pray.
Indian Police show up kick them off the street and threaten to arrest them for Obstruction.

  • Who is the Guilty party here …??
  • Why would these Moslems block a street to pray when they can just walk into their Mosque and pray there …???

Christian Worshippers would probably be in very big trouble if they attempted a stunt like this in Saudi Arabia , Iran , Pakistan or Yemen.
Allahu Akbar … !!!


This happens at Jamia mosque on Fridays as well.

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hapa niko nyuma ya patel. Angepiga hio matacore risas ingekua afadhali


Kwa bara bara?

Hapo lazima Kuna mwenye atafika home apate kengele Moja Iko kwa tumbo

one day you will find yourself in that area around lunchtime on a Friday utajionea especially now Ramadan is starting on Monday

Moslems ni meffi ya kuku watu ghaseer sana.

Whats the point btw, must it be kwa barabara…

The prayer area is too small for the huge number of worshipers. Personally I don’t mind since they control traffic and it’s for a short period of time

Muslims suffer from a false superiority. Just look at how Somali immigrants look down upon Christian Kenyans? And do you know Kenyan Somalis celebrate when Alshabab attacks KDF and kills Kenyans? Eg El Adde had very many Kenya Somalia/Muslims celebrating