Indian minister says Muslims can go to hell. He does not want them in India


Fake news

huyu minister amesema ukweli.

as far as i know Jesus Christ is building mansions for us, he will be back shortly and in a flash we will be in paradise. If your religion doesn’t prepare you for that, Then that minister is very diplomatic, you will not rote in hell but suffer in hell.

Muslims talk of brotherhood, but its Christian nations offering that brotherhood to them, they are lost like Pharisees, but i think its all to show what God is, so lets watch…

one more thing,someone remind Farah maalim his religione has an equal believe towards christians…so let him remove the baobab first…

Just look at the remaining pockets of Christianity in the Middle East. The Christian in those lands have been chased away.

Islam and Original Christianity are exactly the same. One religion has adapted the other has not…

india na China ndio hujua ku deal na waisilamu kuwa rusha concentration camps china ama india kuwanyorosha mpaka wanakunja mikia no space to wiggle unakaa kama zile matatu za 1990s ukisonga kofi au ngumi no comfort vile kenya na france tumewacha wafanye vile wanataka

wachukue placards Somalia, yemen, bangladesh, iraq, Syria, wa boycott Indian goods , ukiona bajaj, rangerover kwa njia unachoma :D:D:D watu hata ndururu hawana wana survive na relief food but wanasema wame boycott chakula ya france

cockroaches @Bingwa Scrotum @Slave 0wner

Self esteem ya Muslims na wasee wa boda boda huwanga chini kuliko sole ya kiatu, they are ever jumpy…maumbwa wao

Nipe loan niingie mission ya kutomba nyweke ngumu ladies

Christianity is the same with Islam it was used to colonise Africa. There is no brotherhood the Europeans gave us when they were slaughtering us here. and they did not give any brotherhood to the Christian slave. Terror attacks are bad but when you try to make it religion A vs religion B you end up justifying the actions of Muslims because the Christians have done and would do the exact same thing

lol… The current Hindu government nationalists have their root in nazism… Infact even the likes of Gandhi hated blacks and believed to be superior. India as a country itself worship everything white, and their caste system is the whiter you are the superior you are. There live 200 muslims in India and a war will be messy for all sides. Will they split the country up and give muslims their own country like Pakistan? Oh well.

Only 200 Muslims, then what is the problem.

200 million muslims… If there lived 200 muslims in India out of the 1.4 billions then i dont think any one would even notice them.

Correction… Pakistan is a state for Indian Muslims

Islam is a religion of bondage because their mother, Hagar, was a slave to begin with. All her spiritual descendants are slaves just like her. And because of that, children of freedom and the Light cannot co-exist with her seed.

Unabii lazima utimie.

What has been prophesied must come to pass in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and in Africa.

Matt 24:14
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

Forcing people to convert so that they can get an education is not preaching it is forcing

200 million can be wiped out and life condinues

Islam is a demonic cult that should be wiped out of the earth