Indian Kumi Kumi Kills 133

[SIZE=7][B]Toxic moonshine kills 133 people and leaves hundreds hospitalized in India[/B][/SIZE]
By Swati Gupta, Jack Guy and Hira Humayun, CNN
Posted at 2:02 AM ET, Sun February 24, 2019

** this shit has been going on for a while **

"The incident is the latest in India’s long battle to control fake or illegal alcohol, which is affordable and readily available to many impoverished people.—s049603959-medium-plus-169.jpg

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Eighty people died in February in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand states after drinking illegal homemade brew. Eight people were arrested as part of a police investigation into that poisoning, and about 400 liters (105 gallons) of illicit booze was seized.

More than 100 people died from drinking illegal moonshine in 2015 in a Mumbai slum, while the deadliest incident was in 2011, when a batch of country-made liquor killed at least 168 people in the state of West Bengal.
The latest victims have sought medical treatment at a local hospital.

Homemade alcohol is typically brewed in villages before being smuggled into cities, where it sells for about 10 cents a glass – about a third the price of legally brewed liquor."

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This is an isolated incident