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I was with an Indian chick, after massage and a bit of foreplay akashika dick yanu and was she was surprised ati it’s big.

Nikashow hakuna haja ya kunienjoy.

But instead she lamented how Indian men have small disks, the size of the middle finger (approx 3- 4 inches) long when fully hard. Damn. Tukajibamba afternoon mzima.

So on research her claim, I didn’t believe her, I found out it affects an entire sub continent. Man. They even want to be made their own small condoms. [ATTACH=full]295909[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]295910[/ATTACH]

We want a 10 page research document on this with supporting evidence

Ole wako ukiamua kuwa distributor au wholesaler wa condoms alafu uanze kuzi-import kutoka China ama India bila kufanya research.

Stori za kupandisia

Effidense shenji hii hata picha ya Patel or Pandya or Sha ingetusaidia

How do you start discussing men’s diks with a naked whore if you are not gayyyyyyyyyy or a National Geographic researcher ?

Kama hakuna picha it never happened.Hii inakaa story ya base ya jaba

Murushie zile picha zako za duck billed platypus

Andika thesis

A whore pretending yours is the biggest dick she’s ever seen? She was massaging your ego or simply practising good customer service. However, I am not saying that you have a small dick.

Hii “staying at home” itatuletea mambo. Iko upuzi mwingi sana hapa cause people are very idle


Very ngay statement.

Is it the statement or its you?

kuna kadem hugawia kila mtu kwa estate na kalitoka highschool juzi , very thin but stunning , niliskia kakiambiana alilimwa na wahindi wa estate na wako ma microscopic d**ks

Because you discuss BBI na bei ya unga. Not.

Tombwa wewe

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