India vs Japan: Harrier Edishen

2019 Tata Harrier

2019 Toyota Harrier


Tata buying Land Rover group was a master stroke. Eventually Tata will eliminate all the complex engineering challenges they have, without investing large sums of money in Research and Development, using Land Rover existing infrastructure.


Tata is one of the most useless brands. Wouldn’t buy even if they make a flying car.

Siku utaingia hii industry ya construction, TATA will make a lot of sense to you. You’re bickering coz you’re driving a 15 year old loaned out Mercedes that I find useless as well and I wouldn’t buy it even if it came with fire breathing Pratt and Whitney engine


On anything ROVER: Read this and leave a comment my fren:

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Siwes mind huu mtambo

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This shows you dont understand engines from a engineering perspective. The moment Tata will try to improve those vehicles, their price will sky rocket. You cant make a LandRover into a Toyota.

What Tata is overcoming are engineering challenges, which the Landrover under went years ago, they are using the Landrover platform to do so.

I believe the Land Rover strategy is a serious case of planned obsolescence. They know they cannot match their competition like Toyota in sales, so they will instead make good money from spare parts.

They will never be able to achieve Toyota quality and reliability as long as they use land rover engineering. I can explain to you why, but will be too technical. You see Landrover over the years had poor engineering and simply layered designs. To undo, they have to have a complete redesign. Which beats the logic of why they purchased the brand. The new engine would be double the price.
In other words , design engineering and cost of product are directly related. On YouTube look into a Toyota Corolla engine from 1980s. Then compare from one of 2023. What you find are subtle changes, not major redesigns. Why? Cost related. You try and redesign something, costs astronomically jump.

What is too technical to be understood, if you can’t explain it to a layman then you don’t understand it.
Tata has automobiles running, though not top of the range, on the other hand Landrover has invested heavily in Research and Development over the years, which Tata can tap in cutting down on cost and time.
So, Kenya once produced a car called Nyayo pioneer, which turned out , it was too heavy for it size and engine output.
The Nyayo Pioneer is a classic example of engineering principles gone wrong. At that point, Kenya had 3 broad oppositions, those of, Research and Development, buying considerable number of shares in a car manufacturing company or an engineering company and 3rd, directly seeking assistance from other car manufacturers/technology transfer.

Niki ambiwa ni chague. Afadhali nifungiwe na Dem wa Japan anyambe kwa ndae kama tumefunga dirisha kama na nyonga. Dem wa India atanyamba harufu ya masala. Siwezi nyonga na hio harufu

Nyayo pioneer was NEVER intended to work, its was just another NYAYO political gimmick.

There were absolutely no plans to produce any more then the one displayed to the ignorant public

i gave it as an example.