India makes about turn on Putin, China next

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to have directly rebuffed Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that now is not the time for war.

In what was the latest in a series of setbacks for the Russian leader, Modi told him of the need to “move onto a path of peace” and reminded him of the importance of “democracy, diplomacy and dialogue”.

At a meeting between the Indian and Russian leaders in Uzbekistan on Friday, Putin publicly acknowledged New Delhi’s “concerns” about the conflict for the first time — a day after doing the same thing during an encounter with Chinese president Xi Jinping.

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@Wanaruona multipolar in the mud banae

Russia might go nuclear if pushed to the corner.
I remember mzito putin alisema if russia wont exist, then the world would neither exist without russia.

Sep. 23. 2022

Upuss. Kwani hao pekee ndio wako na nukes? Halafu how does losing the Ukraine war prevent Russia from existing?

Tuliza nyege ndio maana kwafrika hagwesi ruhusiwa hizo kombora.

Ambia Putler he should get some new material. Atatuimbia wimbo wa nukes miaka ngapi?


tuko nyuma ya msito Putin

Ghasia Reuters ni fake news. Mimi natambua Meria Mata News Network,Presstv,China Times,Hizbollah na KenyaTalk. Hio ingine ni mehe mehe Stori za jaba.
Tafasali msinitaje ovyo ovyo wakati na siaga mahindi.

Ni sorry bas, boi wa putler

Zote zimejaa hiyo news.

But hii ma LGBT wa western don’t report[ATTACH=full]466598[/ATTACH]

Yes, this was at the summit they had. All The Indian PM said was , now is not the time for war. He didn’t say he was taking sides.
Remember India is the biggest importer of subsidized Russian oil right now.

It was choreographed by Putin. He wants to withdraw from Ukraine with his head high by claiming to his people that he consulted with level headed wazito wa China na India.