India builds wall along slum ahead of Trump visit. Keeping Stinking Bhayias At Bay.

A half-kilometer (1,640-foot) brick wall has been hastily erected in India’s Gujarat state ahead of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump, with critics saying it was built to block the view of a slum area inhabited by more than 2,000 people.
“Since they are spending so much money on this wall, why not use that to improve our slum and provide better facilities for us,” said Keshi Saraniya, a resident. “Why are they hiding us poor people?”

Trump is visiting the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat during a two-day trip to India next week to attend an event called “Namaste Trump,” which translates to “Greetings, Trump,” at a cricket stadium along the lines of a “Howdy Modi” rally he hosted for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston last September. Trump is to drive along a road next to the slum and will be accompanied by Modi, who is from Gujarat.
Senior government official Bijal Patel said the wall was built “for security reasons” and not to conceal the slum.

"Apart from security reasons, the wall is also part of a beautification and cleanliness drive,” she said.

Indians are misusing Trump to achieve their agenda. They need visas for their people, jobs and trade deals. They are using Trump’s deep desire for adoration to achieve that purpose.

Siz ille harpic inaosha mtaro smartie…bana ata …digi kihii akiuma hainaWas

Vipi Viladmir Putin

Should have been ‘using’. Right to the very sense of the word. Isn’t that what Kenyans tried during the Obama regime; albeit with no results?

From my perspective, the right word is ‘misuse.’ I don’t like what they’re doing.

reminds me of some ol’ school "mairungi’ tale. Kuna time kwin elizaa alikua anzuru jiji la nairobi and the kamau wa ngegi’s administration pulled a similar stunt pale area ya makadara na okongo.The deal was ,ile time queen atapita na entourage yake kwa hio barabara,dirisha zote zikue zimefungwa na kila mtu akue ndani ya keja.Mwito ulifwatwa except one conniving dude ,grandpa ya Fidel,alisema haiingi ndani na atakaa hapo inje ya nyumba yake riwe riwaro.

.Anyway .kwin ako jogoo road from old airport(,fossils know the embakasi airport ),anabambika na kila kitu,kidogo anaona ma keja familiar akashtuka,“oh my,you do have so many horses around here (in reference to the stable like houses za hio area…if you know you know:D:D:D:D:D), kidogo akiangalia anaona msee ametulia kwa kiti akiota jua,akauliza johnstone ‘oya buda ,ule odi ni nani ?’, being a smart a$$ ,baba ya konyagi one akamjibu ,” oh ,thats the stableman employed to take care of horses," and thats how we didn’t build a wall to impress the imperial leader

:D:D nomaree!

Wacha wahindi wafanye hivyo and if they succeed more power to them. I would recommend every leader to do whatever it takes to ensure their country gets the sweet end of any deal with another country.

Hehehe…hii Ni true story, mairungi story ama story ya fagi?

mairungi buda, saa ile steam imeshika alafu kila mtu anageuka kua scientist,engineer,theologist ama politician mkuu:D:D:D