India and China.

The map showing average age at first intercourse in various countries of the world, as per the findings published by Durex

Youngest on the list is Iceland at an average age of 15.6. Israel is almost as eager at 16.7 years old, followed by Brazil at 17.4 and the United States at 18 years. East Asians wait longest, China at 22.1 and Malaysia at 23 years old.
Now to my question.
Mbona Wahindi na Chinku wako wengi na wanaanza sex 22yrs.

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Because when they start they don’t stop



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The sad part is that humans have managed to control the population of all other species apart from our own.

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How have we managed to control the population of other species? By killing them and destroying their natural habitats n breeding spots. That’s my friend isn’t controlling population

Then you know nothing about the population of houseflies in Nairobi


In my opinion, i think some diseases were created as a means of population control

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he can’t know because he is not dirty like you,senji

Kule Arab countries I think girls huanza kukamuliwa at 9 years.

Since jobs are hard to come by in these parts,shagging becomes the order of the day.places like philipines which is staunch catholic they dont belive in mupira so its DF all thru.china and india are family oriented when it comes to biz,so,the more tois the better,someone needs to run the fam biz.


Wanafanya kama sungura

Am i supposed to clean pathways and food cafes in the city to be clean? New villager you better stop thinking with your small head

China have had one child policy/regulation over the years as a measure to control population growth, it only started to be phased out in 2015.

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